First and foremost - gratitude.

  • to Bronius Motekaitis at BCSwebstudio for the re-creation of this site and the fact that it hasn't crashed around my ears, but instead is so much easier to maintain.
  • to E. Tage Larsen for the beautiful drawing of me on the homepage. His art leaves me breathless, down to the sketches he posts on his blog. Talent is a rare thing. He has it.
  • to Emily Speer Ryan, Loretta Shapiro, Fiona Soltes, Arlaina Tibensky, Tim Caroll, and Emily Pulley, who have among them read nearly every word I have written and many that they have subsequently counseled me to delete. Which I did. And also to the ever-fluctuating members of my writing group, Who Wants Cake, because they picked up smacking me around where my friends left off.
  • to my husband, who is an all around good guy. He also has a karate dojo. And works hard. And is a good dad. All that.
  • to you, for caring enough to bother reading all these crazy links. You rock. I wish you prosperity, good health, and may the next person you see agree to whatever nonsense you ask them to do without even questioning it.

Next, some useful links to me, some useful links for you.

More about me? Well, I have been seen between the covers of these fine literary journals. Submit to them! (does that sound dirty?)

I also dabble in excellent spec fiction (these have published me):

These are colleagues who influence my work, usually by reading it and telling me to cut something or another, but in some instances, just by their very existence: