Anthologized again! It's scary!

Twisted Book of Shadows cover image

If I were a publicist, I would write this about the new anthology in which my story "CAKE" appears... 

Presenting an all-new horror anthology that shatters the mold…
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Mainstream publishers want all-star lineups. Small press publishers often can’t afford to pay pro rates…and even when they can, the names in the table of contents can be limited by the editor’s reach or effort. Bestselling horror, fantasy, and thriller authors Christopher Golden and James A. Moore knew there had to be a better way. Inspired by the efforts of legendary anthology Charles L. Grant, who helped move so many new writers in the horror community’s conversation, Golden and Moore teamed up with Haverhill House’s Twisted Publishing imprint to create…


Determined to pay pro rates, the editors crowdfunded the project, and then put the word out as far and wide as possible, loudly and repeatedly encouraging submissions by diverse voices, and recruiting a stellar editorial committee to read along with them, including Linda D AddisonNadia BulkinRachel Autumn DeeringLamar GilesKL Pereira, and Lee Thomas.

Out of seven hundred stories received through a blind submission process—none of the editors had any idea who the authors were—nineteen made the final cut. Within these pages you will find the beautifully weird side-by-side with terrifying nightmares, horrifying folklore, and hellish futures. Nineteen unique and haunting tales that truly earned their place in a book entitled…


Discover your new favorite horror stories by:
Melissa Swensen -- M.M. DeVoe -- Andrew Bourelle -- Sara Tantlinger -- Jeffrey B. Burton
Eóin Murphy -- Sarah L. Johnson -- Jason A. Wyckoff -- Amanda Helms -- Trisha J. Wooldridge
Liam Hogan -- KT Wagner -- Rohit Sawant -- PD Cacek -- John Linwood Grant
George Edwards Murray --  Cindy O'Quinn -- David Surface -- Kristi DeMeester


But I would also include THIS LINK to preorder the book on Amazon. 

and you're my friends so I'm also going to tell you a secret:

I want you to know that my included short story "Cake" was written as an homage to my beloved writing group, all of whom are incredible award-winning writers of various genres...they have taught me more about plot and narrative than anyone else in my long history of writing classes. All of the names in the book are various permutations of the actual names of my workshop group members, and our group is itself called "Who Wants Cake" -- so there, you know the backstory of the creation of this little piece of fiction! 

Hope you like the actual story!