Bram Stoker Nominations include...

the bram stoker statue

It's kind of staggering that the second anthology that accepted me in horror has been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. Twisted Book of Shadows, edited by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore is up for Superior Achievement in Anthology (I like that the Stokers don't look for the "best" and that it is not a problem to have a tie in any category!) I'm not entirely surpirsed the book was nominated, given the extremely intriguing and broad net the editors cast to catch new and underrepresented writers. Still, it is astonishing to me to be in a book that is nominated for this prestigious award in a genre where I feel myself a relative outsider. On the other hand, perhaps this bodes well for the literary industry in general: when the outsiders start to be noticed for awards, is change ever far behind? 

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The photo on this post is the awards statue - they say the door opens and the names are printed inside the house. So clever.