Farewell to my collaborator

Tonight I went to the memorial for my 20+year collaborator, Bill Moulton. There is something devastating about saying goodbye to a collaborator. All we did together was create: we lived and breathed creation of new work. We talked about art and life and mostly just worked. 

I will miss Bill more than anything on the planet. He was a muse, a mentor, an older brother, a weird, goofy uncle, a true friend who knew me and loved me anyway. He always believed I could do more. He pushed me. He told me sometimes that motherhood had made me soft, but that it was good for me--he told me that having kids was the best thing to ever happen to me. I punched him. But I loved him.

We were supposed to meet at 8:30am to work on the musical at the Cosi coffee shop on the plaza of the WTC on 9-11-01. But I called in sick. I wanted to sleep in. We missed the planes dropping debris on us because I needed sleep. 

For 20+ years we looked out for each other. He believed in me.

He looked for beauty in everything. Bill saw beauty everywhere. His whole face would light up when he talked about tennis or sailing or a beautiful day. or an exciting plot or character.

He lived in the moment as well as in the future and it was lovely to work with him on R/Evolution (a scifi musical reimagining the Adam and Eve story)  Sharing with you some clips from the show which had a workshop production at Tisch School of the Arts as well as a production at the Robert Moss Theater in NYC;

Here are selections from ACT 1. (ten minute video)

and here are selections from ACT 2. (ten minute video)

RIP Bill. I will miss you. I will miss yelling at you to CUT IT. and I will miss you telling me that things had play out. I will miss laughing so hard that my gut hurts. I will miss you telling me that I am the best whip-cracker in the universe and I will miss you telling me to publish the novel already. I will miss talking about love and what an important thing it is in the world. I will miss looking through theater eye. Musicians and actors always see the world as beautiful, while writers and painters see it as ugly. But all of it is true. We love the truth, we artists. Bill: I miss you already, miss you entirely, and will miss you always. 

Thank you for letting me collaborate with you.