Featured in Israel

tiny piece of a larger etching by Lithuanian artist Edita Suchockyte

The creepy Lithuanian fairy tale "Needs Milk" (translated by me) just published by the The Ilanot Review (a stunning literary journal out of Israel) features an unbelievably awesome illustration (which is a reproduction of an actual etching!) by the fabulous Lithuanian visual artist Edita Suchockyte (only a tiny clip of the art is reproduced here) -- YOU MUST LOOK CLOSELY at this stunning etching! (After you read the story, click all the way through to the PDF to have a closer look at her beautiful art)

Here is the link to our work in Ilanot Review!

and because you stopped by -- here's me reading the story aloud in a 3 minute video for the virtual launch party #IlanotReviewToxic Please forgive me for not being an instagram star and just enjoy the pretty skyscrapers in the background (and the helicopters...and the traffic....)

I am, incidentally, looking for an agent to represent this novel. There are SIX beautiful illustrations by Edita in this book (to go with the six creepy folk tales that divide the parts of the novel)....