Getting ahead of myself

Delirium Corridor Back Cover

I have never had a situation where I have more pieces published than I have time to post. This is really an amazing thing. First: I had a story that I really love accepted into an anthology. My greatest gratitude to Angela Borda and Max Talley for being such supporters of my writing. Max included me in his inaugural anthology Delirium Corridor, now available wherever dark creepy Twilight Zone-esque fiction can be bought (or barring that, on Amazon). 

Check out the surreal back cover! (Max painted it!-- and his stories bookend the other stories in the anthology. It has been so much fun to work with him.) 

Click here to buy this anthology.

Secondly: Mom Egg Review's VOX Quarterly has published a little Pandemic Parenting essay that I wrote about these times. It's quirky and funny and light. Here's the direct link if you'd like to give it a read and hear my pandemic parenting saga. It's called Lemon Chicken Rice Soup for the Soul.