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Authors at a Pen Parentis Literary Salon

You probably know I founded Pen Parentis in 2014 to help writers find the resources to stay on creative track after they start a family -- well, an article just came out in LitHub called "Creating Literary Community for Writers Raising Children" that I am so pleased to share with you, I'm actually putting it on the homepage of this site instead of burying it on the "press" page with all the other articles. 

My deepest gratitude goes to Matt Grant, whose thoughtful reporting included a few conversations, an hourlong interview with me, and even attendance at a Salon, to see it for himself. The result is a beautiful profile of the organization that makes me feel that someone finally understood everything I was trying to do.

Read the article here


(pictured: DeVoe at the mic, and authors Ellen Umansky, Renee Steinke, John Reed and special guest-host Leigh Newman of O Magazine online in 2017)