Killed it at AWP16

L-R Mira Jacob, Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, M. M. De Voe and Ben Tanzer

Ok. That was ridiculously fun.

The panel "PRIVACY MATTERS: Sell Your Book, Not Your Soul" was on the last day of the conference in LA, with outdoor weather in the 80s.

Remarkably, we still had a pretty reasonable turnout in our windowless, air-conditioned conference room!

Mira Jacob, Ben Tanzer, and Miranda Beverly-Whittemore were a fantastic panel - any one of us could have talked the entire ninety minutes on this thought-provoking subject--and we all did. It was a frenzy of information, sourced from research, real life, and remarkable anecdotes from the lives of these three terrific authors. 

I want to thank the audience for coming out to see us. I was hoping to upload the slide show, but it seems that I can't do that on this website. Perhaps I will post it (if possible) on my Facebook page.

In any event - thanks for coming and I hope you feel a bit better about posting on the internet after hearing our panel!