Privacy Matters in LA at AWP

I am thrilled to be moderating an upcoming panel called "PRIVACY MATTERS: sell your book, not your soul" at the AWP16 conference in Los Angeles. Panelists will include the shimmering novelist and graphic artist Mira Jacob, bestselling author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, and--just added--a prolific novelist and social media maven so cutting edge that I will probably be asked to leave the podium so he can take over. BenTanzer (yes, he of This Blog Will Change Your Life)  has just agreed to join our panel to replace a dear friend who was unable to attend the conference. 

I am over the moon with excitement for the event and am planning and plotting the questions I will pose these excellent writers about how social media helped and hindered their careers, and how they keep their family lives out of the spotlight while firmly keeping themselves center stage.

If you are going to AWP 16 in LA, you will find us at session S212 on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm.  We will be in room 406 AB - LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level. Since there are 33 other panels happening simultaneously with ours, it would be great if you could attend! Grab a conference buddy and one of you come to this one and the other one go to the conflicting one and trade notes over drinks after! #AWPprotip