Stealth Publication

image from the journal, not my actual back

Recently, I had a five page personal essay on cultural appropriation published in a print news journal. This journal did a gorgeous job finding beautiful art to accompany the piece. The layout is phenomenal. The editing is brilliant. I got a copy of it because one of my friends emailed me to let me know she had read it and enjoyed it, and offered to lend me her personal copy so that I could read it. I do not know how you can read it. I wrote a LinkedIN article on why that is bad for both of us.

In case you happen to run across the October 2016 issue of Bridges, the Lithuanian-American News Journal, in someone's living room, my piece is called "J.F. Will Never Read This." 

I hadn't realized the title would be so prescient. 


(This image is not my back, mom.)